To what degree did the nation’s various courts accept the MERS model?

31 STATES: Completely
7 STATES: Not Completely
12 STATES: Didn’t Weigh In 50


Saving America’s Real Estate: Restoring Accountability and Transparency to Real Estate Conveyance in America
1. MERS – Why So Much Confusion?
2. How to Clean Up MERS
3. Abolish the Bearer Note
4. Abolish Foreclosure Reversal
5. Understanding MERS Litigation: A Title Analysis

Five Problems with MERS by David Hostyk
1. Poorly Drafted Instruments
2. MERS in Court – How can Judges understand MERS, when MERS’ attorneys don’t understand MERS?
3. The Chain of Title of the Security Interest is Often Mangled
4. Robo-signing by “vice-presidents” of MERS
5. Should MERS execute Satisfactions of Mortgages?